From simple Q&A bots to complex virtual assistants, we build chatbots that automate internal and external processes for customer service, HR, sales, and marketing teams.

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A chatbot is an automated conversation partner that users can engage with via messaging.

Why chatbots?

If you ask us, we'd say the benefits are endless. But here are the main reasons why our clients invest in a chatbot:


A typical chatbot pilot pays for itself in less than a year! And the longer it runs, the more money you save. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Save time

Save your employees and your users time by automating what can be automated, eliminating queues and answering questions instantly.

24/7 availability

Forget the 9 to 5 and support your users when and where they need it. It doesn't matter what timezone you're in or if it's a holiday weekend. You'll always be there to help.

No monkey jobs

Stop doing the monkey jobs and focus on work that adds value! If it can be automated, then do it. Your employees, customers and managers will be happier!

Scale your chats

Chatbots are superhuman because they can handle multiple conversations at the same time. They allow you to scale your conversations, without scaling your team.


Because chatbots are 1-1 conversations, it's very easy to personalize the experience for your users. Using CRM data, context and more, it starts to feel like a real conversation.

Typical bot projects

Chatbots play a key role in our origin story and as a team we've worked on +100 bots in 5 continents. Here's an overview of the different types of bot projects we run.

Find my business case
Strategy | 1 week

Do you have an idea for a chatbot, but need help validating the business case and getting the sign-off from upper management? With 1-3 days' of work, we can help you clarify the pain points, highlight the automation opportunities, identify the required resources, calculate the financial ROI and recommend the next steps for bringing your chatbot to life.

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Build a proof of concept (POC)
Full-service | 8 - 12 weeks

We always recommend starting with a POC. This allows you to get something delivered and start learning as quickly as possible from your users, before you scale. In 2-3 months, we'll get your team on board, design the conversational experience(s), build and train the NLP model, run user acceptance testing, and launch your bot!

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Bot training and maintenance
Full-service | 1-5 days per month

Launching your bot is only the beginning. In order for a chatbot to deliver continued added value, it needs a lot of TLC πŸ’œ Depending on the size of your bot and what your goals are, we'll agree on a monthly allotment of hours for training, maintaining and optimizing your bot. You'll receive a dedicated Campfire PM who'll manage the live and staging versions of the bot, help you prioritize your backlog of change requests, bring in expert profiles to make recommendations and prepare a monthly status to share with your management.

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Audits and recommendations
Full-service | 1-7 days

Chatbots our bread and butter, which means we test and use LOTS of bots. We've seen the good, the bad and the downright horrific 😱 Our proven audit methodology, enables us to test your bot quickly and highlight areas of improvement. If you're interested in something more thorough, we can also audit your bot's infrastructure and architecture and make recommendations that'll help you crush your automation goals.

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Custom chatbot project
Profiles TBD | Timing is up to you

Maybe you have a project idea that's so EXTRA it doesn't fit one of our typical projects. Don't be shy! Share your ideas with us, so we can give it a try!

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Some of our work

AI can support almost any company, in any industry and in any country.Check out the work we did for some our clients below.

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