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What is AI?
What is Chatbot?
Limitations of AI?
What does the EU AI Act mean for my business?
The EU AI Act is the logical next step for Europe following GDPR.
ChatGPT for business: How can it take my company to the next level?
When it comes to using ChatGPT for your business, the possibilities are endless.
What is conversational AI?
Conversational AI is more than just a chatbot. Click here for more on what conversational AI is, when you should use it, and our favorite examples.
Can you build a voicebot POC in 2 days?
Learn how our implementation team prepped and coached MINDD to get results in 48 hours.
How to audit your chatbot in 20 min. or less
After testing 100+ bots, we’ve perfected the bot testing process setup. Here are our tips and tricks for auditing your bot accurately and efficiently.
How to build a chatbot that doesn’t suck
4 lessons from our COO that he learned while building +50 chatbots on 5 continents
How to use Campfire’s Bot Audit Checklist
Instead of trying to compare apples to oranges, we developed a system to objectively evaluate a bot’s ability to quickly and easily answer user questions.
What is conversational banking?
Conversational banking is when a financial institution uses conversational AI to answer questions. Put simply, it's a bank's chatbot.
How to scope your next chatbot project
Are you struggling with how to scope your chatbot? We’ll help you figure out what your chatbot could know and advise what it should know.
Everything you need to know about HR and conversational AI
HR and conversational AI have more in common than you might initially think. From benefits to use cases and what's next, we cover it all.
At what point should you invest in a bot?
Chatbots are an investment, but they usually pay for themselves in < 1 year. Here's what to consider before you invest in your next bot.
6 ways to use chatbots as part of your HR automation strategy
Conversational AI is one of the best solutions for HR automation. Chatbots allow teams to scale conversations while keeping things personal.
5 ways to use conversational artificial intelligence in banking
Banking is the perfect industry for conversational artificial intelligence. Here are 5 implementations to inspire your next banking bot.
Can a chatbot reduce HR ghosting by bridging the enthusiasm gap?​
Bots can keep the conversation going, while humans can’t or don’t have time. It all comes down to bridging the HR enthusiasm gap.
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