Join us around the campfire

We're looking for people who want to join us in leading the conversational revolution!
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What's important to us?

These are our non-negotiables.

Everyone has a seat around the campfire

We believe that diversity creates value. That’s why we welcome all types of people, work with all types of companies and use all types of technologies. We want to challenge ourselves and each other to create better versions of things. Remember that the only way to innovate is to see things differently. Don’t judge.

Less is s'mores

By specializing, we’re the experts. We know what we do, and we do it better than anyone else. Our DIY-attitude combined with our high-quality standards means that we’re not afraid to jump in and make things right. Even if that means putting on some heavy metal and copying and pasting for 3 hours straight. This mentality allows us to get things done that are not .

Find the "win-win"

We believe in collaborations where all parties win. This applies to our colleagues, clients, partners and users. Because we’re using technology to unlock human potential and solve real world problems, we need to keep ethics at the forefront of our mind. Whatever we build needs to reduce waste, improve society and benefit the users.

The extra benefits and perks

There’s more to life than work. In addition to your monthly salary and the usual Belgian benefits (health insurance, meal vouchers, mobile phone plan, etc.), we prioritise the following benefits for our team:​

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Work where you want

Hang out with your colleagues at BeCentral 50% of each month and the other 50% is up to you
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Eco-mobility package

Choose the mode(s) of transport that make sense for your commute (train, bus, bike, etc.)
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Extra vacation days

With 30 days of holiday, you have enough vacation days to do more than just visit your parents
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Learning and development

There's always more to learn and we make sure you have the resources you need to keep learning
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Annual bonus

Every employee receives the same annual bonus if we reach our business targets

Open opportunities

We’re looking for people who contribute to our good vibes and are eager to solve problems. So if you like to experiment with new technology and work to find solutions for business needs, then you should definitely apply.

Marketing Intern


Junior Conversational AI Consultant


Conversational AI Intern


Conversational AI Consultant

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Should the next seat around the campfire be for you?

If you don't see an open opportunity that matches your profile, but you know that you'd be a great addition to the team, then please get in touch! Feel free to send us an email quickly introducing yourself and explaining why you want to join Campfire. Don't forget to attach your CV!

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