Conversational AI should eliminate the boring stuff

By using AI to eliminate the boring and repetitive tasks, Campfire gives people and businesses the time and space to focus on things that truly matter.
Sitting around the campfire chatting

Gather around the campfire 🔥

Campfire AI is a Brussels-based conversational AI agency. We help companies across the globe converse with their employees and customers in a scalable way by using natural language processing (NLP) to automate conversations and business processes.

Put simply, we believe that when it comes to good conversation, there's no substitute for a casual chat around the campfire. With this in mind, we strive to bring that warm intimacy of a campfire conversation to each project we deliver.

Get to know our team

A headshot of Alexis Safarikas who's the CEO and Managing Partner of Campfire AI

Alexis Safarikas

Managing Partner & CEO
A headshot of Alison Vandenhende who's a Conversational AI Project Manager at Campfire AI

Alison Vandenhende

Conversational AI Project Manager
A headshot of Ivan Westerhof who's the COO and Managing Partner of Campfire AI

Ivan Westerhof

Managing Partner & COO
A headshot of Tomas Staelens who's the CTO and Managing Partner of Campfire AI

Tomas Staelens

Managing Partner & CTO
A headshot of Marjorie Allen who's Head of Creative & UX at Campfire AI

Marjorie Allen

Head of Creative & UX
A headshot of Sophie Leysen who's Head of Implementation at Campfire AI

Sophie Leysen

Head of Implementation
A headshot of Sergej Miloshevski who's a Conversational AI Consultant at Campfire AI

Sergej Miloshevski

Conversational AI Consultant

Get to know our partners

Great partnerships allow each party to focus on their strengths. Campfire AI is proud to be a partner of these different technology companies in Belgium and the U.S.

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