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A chatbot that helps you troubleshoot
your login issues

A lot of the issues that a user faces at the login screen can be solved using a handful of different troubleshooting tips. We took these tips and built a chatbot that helps solve your own login problem in less than 3 minutes
An iPhone user that is unable to login to their Sabam account
The problem

Lost at the login screen

Sabam is the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers, and Unisono is their online platform where users can apply for licenses. With a membership base of more than 40.000, they wanted to reduce the volume of customer enquiries.

After reviewing the data, it stood out that most of the requests were about problems logging into the platform. To help members login to Sabam and Unisono faster, we developed a chatbot that guides users through some troubleshooting exercises and ultimately login to the platform.

The solution

Virtual support when you need it

Working closely with Sabam and Unisono, we identified the most common login errors (ex. CAPS LOCK turned on) and used them to build a conversational flow. As soon as a user fails to login, the bot pops up and asks the user if they need assistance logging in. The bot then guides the user through the different conversational flows to help them troubleshoot their login error.Β 

In addition to the troubleshooting flows, we integrated 30+ other frequently asked questions in French and Dutch that users can trigger via the chat.

Screenshots of the different login chatbots that Campfire A.I. built for Sabam and Unisono
The results

Faster logins and less time wasted

The login chatbots handle 3.000+ conversations a month and solve 97% of the login issues in under 3 minutes. Not only are users happier and able to login in faster, but the Sabam and Unisono customer service representatives have more time to focus on answering questions that require human follow-up.








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