A chatbot that can support travelers 24/7​

Traveling is an activity that happens in different time zones and outside of the traditional office hours. However people sometimes need instant support. Artificial intelligence allows us to easily overcome the limitations of different time zones and traditional office hours by creating a chatbot that's available to support users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.​

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the problem

Travelers need immediate support​

Discover EU is an initiative led by the European Commission (E.C.) that helps 18-year-old E.U. citizens discover Europe by train. Many of these young Europeans are inexperienced, first-time travelers who find themselves in situations where they need immediate help (ex. I missed my train, what do I do now?). However, it's costly and challenging to staff a large team of support agents outside traditional office hours and across different time zones.

To guarantee affordable, real-time support for young travelers, we worked with the E.C. to develop a chatbot that's always available to answer young travelers' questions.

the solution

A chatbot with a customized handover​

We began the project by reviewing Discover EU's database of user questions and identifying the 20 most frequently asked questions. This set of questions and answers became the foundation of the chatbot.

We strengthened this chatbot implementation, by customizing the handover between the bot and a live agent. In cases when the bot can't solve a user's problem, we transition the user from the conversation with the bot to a conversation with a live support agent. During this transition, we use A.I. to tag the conversation with keywords and relevant information. These smart tags help the agents quickly understand and prioritize the conversations.

the results

Automated support that's always available​

In the first month, the chatbot solved more 700+ questions and handed over approximately 150 questions to a live support agent. By automating 83% of the support requests, we solved travelers' problems faster and gave the support agents the time and space to focus on more complicated requests.

messages per month
of all incoming questions are understood
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