Sam and Sono are chatbots that troubleshoot your login issues

Sam and Sono are Sabam’s dynamic chatbot duo. They’re based on the login pages of mySabam and myUnisono respectively, and only pop up to introduce themselves when a user fails to log in.

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the problem

Users couldn’t log in to their accounts

Sabam is the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers, and Unisono is their online platform where users can apply for licenses. With more than 45,000 members, the customer support team receives daily messages from members asking for help logging into one of their two platforms.

After reviewing Sabam and Unisono’s conversation history, we noticed that most of the login issues were the same and were solved quickly by asking two to three follow-up questions. This meant that this was the perfect use case for automation; the questions were repetitive, easy to resolve and easy to understand.

The login screen of mySabam when a user fails to login and Sam the chatbot pops up and asks if he can help
the solution

Chatbots that guide users step-by-step to a solution

Working closely with Sabam and Unisono, we identified the most common login errors, such as typing your password with CAPS LOCK on, using the letter “O” instead of the number “0,” etc. Based on those errors, we designed conversational flows that guide the user through their own troubleshooting. 

As soon as the user fails to log in, Sam or Sono pops up asking if they can assist the user. Both chatbots combine click and free-type flows to guide users and help them resolve their login issues as quickly as possible.

Three screenshots of Sono the chatbot helping a Unisono user troubleshoot their login issues
the results

Faster logins and less time wasted​

The login chatbots handle +3.000 conversations a month and solve 97% of the login issues in under 3 minutes. Not only are users happier and able to login in faster, but the Sabam and Unisono customer service representatives have more time to focus on answering questions that require human follow-up.

conversations a month
of login issues solved
> 3 min.
to solve an issue

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