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Conversational Banking

Automating conversations using A.I. extends beyond the traditional customer support implementation. By thinking outside the box, we can shake up the banking sector, and transition to conversational banking.
Rawbank Whatsapp bot designed by Campfire A.I.
The problem

SMS is being replaced by WhatsApp

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it’s common to perform financial transactions via SMS. But with WhatsApp now being the most-used messaging app, Rawbank wanted to update its processes to be where its users are and improve the overall experience of conversational banking. 


The solution

Go where your users are

We worked with Rawbank to build a WhatsApp and website chatbot to handle basic financial transactions, such as checking your balance and view your most recent transactions, in addition to incorporating answers to 50+  of their most frequently asked questions.

The results

Automate the conversations that can be automated

With 1,000+ monthly active users, Rawbank’s chatbots handle approximately 4.000 messages per month, with a 95% answer rate.

If for any reason you’re part of the 5% where the bot doesn’t recognize your request, then you’ll be seamlessly redirected to live customer support agent for further support.

By fully automating 95% of the incoming questions, the customer support team is able to focus on more complex requests.









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