Sabam & Unisono

Instant login assistance

Sabam and Unisono's vision is strongly geared towards quality and they always look for ways to solve their members' problems faster and to adapt their processes to make those solutions permanent. With over 40.000 members combined, they had an intuition A.I. could represent significant cost savings and increase their members's User Experience.


Login issues should be easily solved

Looking at the data for incoming customer enquiries, one thing was immediately clear. A significant proportion of contact reasons was related to logging into the Sabam and Unisono platforms. When looking at the underlying reasons, it seemed often it was a matter of using a wrong email address, caps lock being turned on, or the password simply needing to be changed.

This was a clear case where automation and AI could provide better communication and solve a problem faster. If we could automate this process instead of having it handled one-by-one, not only would the problem be solved faster, it would mean significant cost reductions which ultimately benefit the members.


Instead of waiting for the user to contact us with their problem, we recognise it and proactively offer help

The conversation flows guide the user and troubleshoot the login problem

Working closely together with Sabam and Unisono, Campfire trained their teams to be able to understand how bot flows work, and how to build them in the CMS. The flows were built to guide the user and troubleshoot the login problem. To keep the experience non-intrusive, the bot only pops up when someone has an issue logging into the website, and is otherwise barely visible to the user.

When there is a login failure, the bots pops open, asking the user if they need assistance logging in. Instead of waiting for the user to contact us with their problems, we recognise it instantly and proactively offer help. Besides the login troubleshooting flow, the user can also directly ask one of 30+ questions in Dutch or French.


The bots automate over 3.000 conversations per month

Within weeks of putting the bot live, there was a clear reduction in mails and calls coming in to the customer service department. The 2 bots, each with their own branding, cumulatively handle over 3.000 conversations per month, of which 97% are handled within 3 minutes.

From the conversation history we can clearly see most issues have to do with a mistaken email address or a password reset. Which makes this case ideal for an A.I. to handle, so that customer service representatives can focus on more complicated and delicate matters.